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Australian childhood immunisation register

2. Australian Immunisation Register

The Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) is a national register that records details of immunisations given to people of all ages in Australia.**

2.1 AIR Immunisation History Statement

The AIR provides an Immunisation History Statement to parents/guardians which is used to help keep track of their child’s immunisations and as proof of immunisation for enrolment in schools. Parents/guardians can access updated statements at any time (up to the child being 14 years of age) by:

2.2 AIR Immunisation Documentation Requirements

To enrol in a school, parents/guardians should provide a copy of one of the following immunisation forms:

  • a current AIR Immunisation History Statement showing that a child is ‘up to date’ or ‘not up to date’ with their immunisations, including where a child has an approved medical contraindication or natural immunity to one or more vaccines, OR
  • an AIR Immunisation History Form for a child who does not have a complete immunisation history on the AIR and may be on a recognised catch-up schedule, which has been certified by an immunisation provider.
    Other records must not be accepted as evidence of immunisation status, such as the NSW Personal Health Record (Blue Book), a GP letter or an overseas immunisation record. 

2.3 Overseas records

Overseas immunisation records must not be accepted directly from the parent/guardian. Advise the parent/ guardian to take their child’s immunisation records to an approved immunisation provider to record on the AIR using the AIR Immunisation History Form (see page 9). Overseas records must be translated into English before they can be recorded on the AIR.

When the child’s AIR record has been updated with their overseas immunisations, the parent/guardian can access their child’s updated AIR Immunisation History Statement (see 2.1 above).

2.4 Temporary Resident Visas and Refugees

Children who have temporary resident or refugee status are required to attend a GP/nurse to have their immunisation status assessed and an AIR Immunisation History Form completed.

A copy of this form should be presented to the school where they are to be enrolled. Children who do not have a Medicare card are still able to have their immunisations recorded/accessed on AIR.

**NSW Health is working with the Australian Government to arrange for details of vaccinations given in secondary schools to be uploaded to the AIR from 2019.

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