Matthew Pearce Public School

Knowledge and Respect

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About our school

Smiling student holding a pencil

Matthew Pearce Public School is an innovative, dynamic and a highly inclusive school, providing outstanding teaching and learning programs. Included within the school population are a wide-range of high potential and gifted students. Wellbeing is supported by practices that enhance students' sense of belonging, value student voice and promote engagement in learning. Students are guided to be safe, respectful and responsible learners. Through the situational analysis, a sustained focus on developing a 'sense of belonging' and 'connectedness to each other' for students is evident.

Our school celebrates diversity with over 83% of our students from language backgrounds other than English and representing a wide variety of cultural groups. The school promotes understanding, acceptance and inclusivity in all programs. These experiences allow students to engage and succeed in a rapidly changing world.

Through our situational analysis, we have identified a need to further develop and refine data driven practices, ensuring all students have access to individualised, purposeful  learning, through informed, evidence based decision making. A focus on further developing and refining summative and formative assessment tasks, data collection, analysis practices, adjustments to learning programs and developing greater consistency of judgement within and across the school will be evident.

We are committed to providing innovative programs to develop skills in citizenship, communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity, to ensure students reach their full potential. Our school has a reputation for excellence in academic achievement, sporting programs and performance in the creative arts.

Through our situational analysis, Tell Them From Me data, reflects the need to ensure all students have a sense of belonging, to feel included and have a connection to all members of the school community.
Matthew Pearce Public School enjoys vibrant community partnership that enhances our school identity. Our active Parents and Citizens Association plays a vital role in supporting school programs and improving educational outcomes for all students.

The pledge

  • I honour my beliefs,
  • I respect the beliefs of others,
  • I serve Australia,
  • I acknowledge Australia's heritage and the flag.

The resolve

  • I shall pass through this world but once,

  • Any good thing that I can do,

  • Let me do it now,

  • For I shall not pass this way again.

School song

A farming man named Matthew Pearce
Settled upon this land.
The land of the mighty big, black crow
Given so we could learn and grow.
School is a great big family,
Families belong and care.
Showing respect for everyone,
Learning the way to share.

We are Australian children.
Together we are strong.
Coming from many backgrounds,
Matthew Pearce is where we belong.

School is a place of knowledge
Thinking creatively.
Working together day by day
Playing respectfully.

We are Australian children.
Together we are strong.
Coming from many backgrounds,
Matthew Pearce is where we belong.
Matthew Pearce is where we belong.